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The Dangers to consider When Purchasing Infant Christmas Pajamas

There are many dangers associated with infant Christmas pajamas and if you are a parent, it is important that you are alerted to these dangers. While your infant looks positively delightful in those fancy, seasonal pajamas, they may be in danger.Unisex-Baby Newborn Reindeer Long Johns:Long sleeved red and white striped cotton top with reindeer applique and green accents with Matching red and white striped pants with green accents.Available in sizes from newborn to 3t.Customer Reviews are 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.

 If you are planning on purchasing holiday sleepwear for your infant, it is imperative that you ensure that the clothing meets the safety standards as issued by the “U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission”. In this article, I will share with you some of the dangers associated with infant Christmas pajamas.

Fabric Is One of the First Safety Features to Look at with Infant Pajamas

Red Reindeer Snug-fit Pajama Set 12 Months - 5t.The first thing that you should consider when purchasing pajamas for your child that is based on the theme of Christmas is the type of material that the clothing is composed of. Many times, you will find that cotton is listed as 100%. While this is a really comfortable material, it can pose the risk of your child being burnt by any type of lighting that is around them that contains a flame.

This may include Christmas candles, and even oil lit items like candles and lanterns. While I am sure that you will be cautious with your child around these types of items, accidents do happen. Several children a year visit hospital emergency rooms for the simple fact that they have been accidentally burnt by Christmas decorations and sources of light.

Slippery Fabric is a Important concern

The next thing that you must consider is the likelihood of slipping in the pajamas. Many infants who are given infant Christmas pajamas are in the stage where they are starting to crawl. If the material is slippery, the child may accidentally slip and seriously hurt themselves. They may slip against furniture, or simply slip and hit their head.Baby-girls Newborn Triple Tree Long Johns 2 Piece Set:2 piece set includes long sleeved pink and white stripe heavyweight woven cotton top with rhinestone tree and matching cotton pants.SIZE:0-6 months.

 You must take this into consideration when purchasing pajamas for young children. If you are purchasing this type of product for your infant and they do not yet crawl, it may not be an issue, but it is important that you learn of this possibility.

Check for Any Attachments to the Sleepwear

The next thing that you must consider when purchasing infant pajamas that are decorated for Christmas are any and all attachments to the sleepwear. Many manufacturers will attach little bells, and other decorative items. Children at the infant stage learn about their surroundings through the means of taste.

 If they stick these items in their mouth, they could easily be swallowed. When choosing infant Christmas pajamas, be sure to be alert to the dangers that are associated with them so that you may purchase only those that are safe for your child.

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